Changes to the Message Board

Due to heavy abuse, we’ve changed the way you earn plunder points on the message board. Below are the changes we’ve made. You can always find the current pay-scale on the FAQ page, linked at the bottom of this post.

  • You no longer get a point for making a post.
  • You no longer get a point for rating a post.
  • You now get 2 points for creating a new topic.

Anyone caught abusing the system will have points removed and in some extreme cases, your account will be permanently banned from the forums and/or service.

How to Earn Points on Loot Palace

8 thoughts on “Changes to the Message Board”

    1. Dan is right. The reason we users got points per post until yesterday (November 28, 2012), was because the Staff wanted to encourage us to be more active in the forums. That was a great idea, until ‘desperate’ users started to abuse the system since they ‘thought’ that posting on the forums was an alternative way to get points.

      I sincerely hope that you (and the ‘desperate’ users) don’t get the idea of posting lots of threads only to get 2 points per new topic.

    1. We aren’t issuing “bonus points” for reporting posts/topics on the forum. Most people do it because they don’t want to see junk/spam on the forums.

  1. Dan, you and the Staff didn’t have an easy time discussing the future of the message board. But I’m glad that you finally have made up your mind.

    This could have been avoided if only people understood that posting on the forums was NOT an alternative way to get points, but a bonus to encourage more activity in the community.

    Hopefully the new changes don’t lead to desperate users creating new threads only to get those 2 points per new topic!

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