Holiday Extravaganza 2012

Holiday Extravaganza

Join in the festivities at Loot Palace this holiday season by taking advantage of our end of the year scavenger hunt.

Starting December 15th, you will receive 50 points, instead of the 15 points for logging in every 24 hours. This will run until the end of the year. That’s a total of 800 plunder points you can earn, just from stopping by each!

Oh, and while you’re here… you might want to take a look around, as there will be holiday boxes that you can open and receive points from. These boxes will be shuffled around the site daily. If you like free points, you’ll want to drop by each day to open your holiday boxes. These boxes will start popping up on the site sometime after the 20th. We’ll remind you when the time comes.

You are welcome to chat about the location of these holiday boxes once they start showing up.

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