March, Looters, March!

It’s officially March and it’s snowing like crazy here at the Palace. So much for Winter coming to an end. Anyway, on to business! We’re holding a contest all through March which ends on April 1st, 2012.

Last night we announced this contest on a Google+ post which I suggest you check out but here’s a summary of what this contest consists of:

Last year we had a blog post which outlined some tactics on how to refer more people to Loot Palace. This information has been incredibly useful to many people so far, we have several users who have claimed multiple gift cards without actually completing any surveys or offers. They do this through promoting their referral link. If you are unfamiliar with how our referral program works, you may want to check out this page.

Win 75000 points in our contest

Contest Details: Everyone is a winner in the March contest but 2 lucky individuals will win 75,000 points!
Contest Deadline: Enter by March 31st, 2012, 11:59pm EST.
Contest Prizes

  • Everyone who enters an idea will be given 1,500 Plunder Points just for participating!1
  • The individual who submits the best idea will receive 75,000 Plunder Points! 2
  • The individual who submits the idea with the most +1s will receive 75,000 Plunder Points! 3

1. To enter, you just need to post a response on the Google+ post.
2. All entries will be put into a Poll and sent out at the beginning of April for people to vote on.
3. Increase your chances to win by encouraging your friends to +1 your entry on the Google+ post.

If you have any contest-specific questions please post them in the comments here on the blog. Good luck!

23 thoughts on “March, Looters, March!”

  1. Thanks for an another contest Dan. Although you might not win it this will help quite a bit for a start the 1500 PP incentive for evening just a suggestion is about a 6th of a way of getting something off this site. And hopefully the numbers(users) in lootpalace will increase by good margin with some of these new refferal tips. Btw for the best one will you exclude the one that has the most numbers of +1 right?

    1. Oops, I’ll revise the blog post. You are correct to say that we will only allow a person to win once. We want two different people walking away with 75,000 points each

  2. Yep but the community here in comparably is smaller and has less spirit although this might be explained by its recently released date.

  3. What would happen Dan if the case for the most +1 is a the same for two people? Is 75000 shared between the 2 giving them 37500 each? Or would there be another way like waiting for a few more votes?

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