November’s Contest Winners

The past November we held a Raffle style contest. You could purchase “tickets” for 250 plunder points. You could enter as many times as you wanted, and any individual could have won twice. Over the weekend, we drew the ten winning numbers for the raffle. See below for a list of the contest winners…

November's Contest Winners

Ticket Number Ticket Holder
267 crunklez
1498 akichan
857 saigiel
1508 demonhood
63 meisnu
550 eight362
61 workaholic
1539 fairyfingers883
440 tasha
559 er0rese871gk

A warning to those who tried to cheat…
If you cheated by creating multiple accounts in order to cheat the system, you were instantly disqualified. Many cheaters had their extra accounts deleted and their primary account flagged.

Contest statistics, for those who like numbers as much as we do!

  • 1,722 tickets were in the drawing.
  • The most tickets bought by any individual was 68, the second most being 33, and the third most being 32.
  • Your chance of winning with just one ticket (250 points) was 1 in 172.
  • Your chance of winning with 20 tickets was 1 in 9.
  • Your chance of winning with 68 tickets was 1 in 2.5.

16 thoughts on “November’s Contest Winners”

  1. I used all my plunder points in this contest, yet really did not expect to win…but I won:) This makes up for all the points I didn’t receive by completing offers and then some;)

  2. I hope to see another contest like this! Today was my first day signed up! I’m having so much fun playing games and watching funny commercials! ^_^

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