Weekly Debate #4

This month marks the new payouts for our arcade. The original payout for the arcade was 300pts, 200pts, and 100pts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Moving forward, we’re happy to announce that the new payout table is 500 points, 300 points, and 200 points (for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place scores.) That should help some of you reach your points goal a little bit quicker.

This past Friday and Saturday we upgraded the main member’s area of the website. Visually you’ll notice that the offer walls may look slightly different, and more importantly, you’ll see that we’ve added two new offer walls to our list. In the first 24 hours, BLVD’s offer walls generated a lot of points for many Looters on the site. The other wall, Jampp has also been getting a lot of hits as well.

A few reminders for those who may have missed it…

Our 4th weekly debate topic has been posted: What is your favorite Ad network?

Hope to see you all on the forums. Give us a response before Friday for a chance to earn extra plunder points for participating in the debate.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Debate #4”

  1. I like Super Rewards. I don’t have a phone that works,or a credit card,so most of the “free” offers are off limits to me. Matomy’s all about those online tests that need a phone,Payment Wall is centered on surveys,Supersonic’s a mix of Bingo games and surveys,and Jamp and BLVD…well,I just don’t like them.

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