25% Off Nintendo 3DS Cards

This past December, we logged the total number of shares that each gift card had. Any additional shares gained between December 16th, 2012, and January 31st, 2013, were counted. The gift card that gained the most during this time frame has been discounted. Ready to see the winner and the 9 runner ups?

Below you will find the top 10 gift cards which gained the most votes in the span of time (from December 16th, through January 31st)

Reward NameVotes Earned
Nintendo 3DS eShop13
Club Penguin Memberships12
Amazon.com Gift Card11
Nexon Cash9
eBay.com Gift Card7
Minecraft Accounts7
Stardoll Memberships7
Wizard 101 Memberships5
Google Play Gift Card5
Battleon / Artix Game Points4

Starting today, and running until the end of the month of February, we’ll be offering our prepaid Nintendo 3DS eshop cards at a discounted price. The $20 Nintendo 3DS cards have been marked down to 11,250 plunder points from 15,000 plunder points, a savings of 25%.

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