A Change to Facebook Games

We’re making a change to the Facebook page today. In fact, some of you might have seen the page’s new layout yesterday. There have been some big changes to Guess the Value and Fill in the Blank, it is recommended that you continue reading.

The Facebook Games page is now called the Social Games page because we are going to be having games across other social media sites.

Game Game Description Prize Frequency
Fill in the Blank We’ll post a question on Facebook. All you need to do is answer it and leave your username. The winner is picked at random and wins 500 points. 500 Tuesdays
Thar Be Treasure! We’ll post a secret link on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook. Be one of the first 10 to loot the chest to receive points. 10 – 300 Wednesdays
What’s that Card? We’ll post pictures of gift cards that have been graphically modified. Everyone who guesses correct wins. 100 Thursdays
Guess the Value We’ll post a picture with gift cards in it. Add up the value of the gift cards and leave a comment with your guess and username. Everyone who guesses correctly will be added into a lottery. 2,500 Fridays
Pile of Plunder This game is played randomly. You must guess the total number of gift cards show in the gift card pile up. The 5 closest people to guess, without going over, will be awarded a mystery prize. Mystery Random

Changes to the games are as followed:

Guess the Value

Guess the Value only has one winner now. In order to win, you must guess the correct value. Guessing the correct value will put you into a lottery drawing. The winner of the drawing receives 2,500 points.

Fill in the Blank

The rules are the same, but the winner receives 500 instead of 1,000 points.

New Social Games

Thar Be Treasure!

This new game is a new way to earn points. Each Wednesday at a random time we’ll post a link and a password to a treasure chest somewhere on Loot Palace. Be one of the first 10 people to loot the chest and you’ll receive points. The contents of each chest contains between 10 and 300 plunder points.

What’s that Card?

This game will begin in a week or two. We’ll post pictures of gift cards that have been graphically modified. Guess what gift card it is correctly and receive points. Everyone who guesses correctly wins!

12 thoughts on “A Change to Facebook Games”

    1. The time-limit is announced with the game. We’ve only played it once so far, so we haven’t figured out what works best with everyone.

  1. Another thing, If you go to the “Play Social games” page you will see that the Guess the value prize is 1,000 only. Whereas it is mentioned here that it is 2,500 points. Is it a error?

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