Holiday Extravaganza 2013

Holiday Extravaganza 2013

The Holiday Box Hunt will be returning this holiday season, starting on December 18th and running through December 26th. This will be our third Holiday Box Hunt on Loot Palace.

What is the Holiday Box Hunt?

The Holiday Box Hunt is a site-wide scavenger hunt. Each morning, from the 18th through the 26th, we’ll be hiding treasure chests on random pages throughout Loot Palace. These treasure chests are just like the ones we post randomly throughout the week.

In order to claim your holiday loot, you just type in “2013″ into the box.

How do I find these holiday boxes?

You will need to browse the site looking for them, they could be anywhere! You are allowed to share the location of these chests in chat. However, you are not allowed to ask for the location of these chests.

How many chests will there be?

The number of chests posted per day is unknown. Last year it ranged between 5 and 15 chests per day. This year, we’re going to leave it up to our dedicated Looters to find out just how many there are!

A few more things you may want to know

  • We cannot tell you where any of the chests are.
  • We cannot tell you where any of the chests were.
  • Chests can expire, they do not have an unlimited number of openings.
  • Chests will be rotated by 10am EST each day during the event.
  • Chests will not be posted on any forum post or user profile pages.

What does a Holiday Box look like?

Here’s an example of what one looks like. You can even claim points from this example post. Go ahead, you know you want it!

Holiday Box

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