Name that Card!

Palace Game: Name that Card

We post a picture and you must guess what gift card it is. The first 20 to guess right win points. Keep reading to see today’s game piece.

All you have to do is figure out what gift card this image came from. Remember, we’ve taken an image from our rewards catalog, and altered it graphically.

Name that Card

Leave your guess in the comments below.

This week’s card was..

Coldstone Creamery

The people who guessed correctly are as followed:

They have been credited 100 Plunder Points each.

Remember, everyone who entered earns 20 Plunder Points just for participating.

72 thoughts on “Palace Game: Name that Card”

  1. Dave and Buster’s? I think it is the circle part in their logo so that is my OFFICIAL answer…

    (My second non-official guess would have been Facebook)
    I hope I made the right choice! :O

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