Name that Card!

Palace Game: Name that Card

We post a picture and you must guess what gift card it is. The first 20 to guess right win 100 Plunder Points each! Keep reading to see today’s game piece.

All you have to do is figure out what gift card this image came from. Remember, we’ve taken an image from our rewards catalog, and altered it graphically.

Name that Card

Everyone who entered earns 20 Plunder Points just for participating. These will be credited on Monday morning.

Dominos Pizza
This week’s card was Domino’s Pizza.

Our Weekly Winners

  1. Razorcif
  2. R2-D2
  3. wootloot
  4. schoenij
  5. joed
  6. castlefan98
  7. Tron
  8. Herbert56
  9. Hobbes0000
  10. Libni
  11. Muskan-Smile
  12. Pirate112
  13. Areola
  14. Lionheart
  15. JeniferDavenport
  16. Rotflol
  17. Gohanssj2

96 thoughts on “Palace Game: Name that Card”

  1. Random guess time. itunes?
    I honestly don’t know what I’m looking at.
    It kind of looks like a person’s thumb hooked over a white object, but I can’t make it out. D:

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