Server Upgrade Completed

This past Monday evening, we upgraded our web server. Some of you may have noticed a 45 minute (or so) downtime on Monday night. That was due to this upgrade. We’re happy to announce that the server upgrade was successful and now we can move on to the next phase, the website upgrade.

The website upgrade will require us to take Loot Palace down for a few hours on Monday, February 18th. It is expected that the site will be unavailable from 8:00am EST to about 12:00pm EST. In this time you will be unavailable to access the website. We’ll be sure to remind everyone over social media throughout the week, and the morning of.

After the upgrade is complete, you’ll notice things are a bit different. Your Loot Palace account information will be exactly the same, we’re just giving the site a “face lift” along with some new features, which we’ll discuss next week.

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