Stack of Loot

Palace Game: Stack of Loot

For this week’s Palace Game, we’ll be playing Stack of Loot, a game where you must count all the gift cards seen in the picture below and post how many you think there are.

How do you play Stack of Loot?

Stack of Loot is pretty simple to play. All you need to do is count how many cards are in the stack. This week there is only one stack, but other weeks there might be multiple stacks.

What do you win for playing Stack of Loot?

The first five (5) Looters to guess correctly will win 500 Plunder Points each. Anyone after that who guessed correctly will win 100 Plunder Points each. There’s no limit to how many people can win this game!

What if no one guesses right?

If no one guesses the correct amount, we’ll award the five (5) Looters with the closest guess 250 Plunder Points each.

Where do I leave my guess?

Just leave a reply in the comments below. We’ll approve all the comments when the game ends, so you can see what you guessed VS what the answer actually was.

When does the game run until?

You have until Sunday night to leave your guess.

Today’s Game Piece

Below is today’s game piece, you can click the image to enlarge it.
Stack of Loot - Round 1

The Answer

This Stack of Loot has exactly 117 gift cards in it. Below are our 5 Looters who guessed the closest, along with their guesses:

  1. Dondzeg – guessed 117, awarded 500 Plunder Points
  2. Aazim Parkar – guessed 117, awarded 500 Plunder Points
  3. Azyla – guessed 118, awarded 250 Plunder Points
  4. Alan – guessed 119, awarded 250 Plunder Points
  5. Denicia Mobley – guessed 115, awarded 250 Plunder Points

Everyone else will receive 20 Plunder Points, simply for entering. You’ll receive these points later this morning and it will be labeled “Palace Games” on your point’s history.

Congratulations and good luck next Friday!

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