Vote for Your Favorite Gift Cards

There is still time to participate in our January gift card voting. The way it works is simple, head on over to the rewards catalog and then visit your favorite gift card’s page on the site. You’ll see a Like and a +1 button. You can vote for as many cards as you want, but remember, only one of them will win.

Let us know your favorite gift cards!

What can be won?

At the end of January, we’ll tally up all the votes gained between December 20th (when we first announced this) and January 31st. The gift card that gains the most votes in that timeframe will be discounted for the entire month of February. Pretty cool, huh?

So if you haven’t done so yet, get out there and vote for your favorite gift card on Loot Palace!

Don’t get discouraged if you see pages with many more votes than your favorite gift card’s page, because we’re tracking how many Likes and +1s are gained, not the total number of Likes or +1s at the end of the month.

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