Admin Avatar Art Competition: Part 4 Results

Congratulations to Bloom! Your entry has been chosen by Legendhidde as the winner for part 4 of the Admin Avatar Art Competition!

Legend has some special words for his favourite entries. To the winner: “It is just an amazing representation of me, mah Mjolnir.”

He also couldn’t pick three, so well done to the following four users for winning the L’Artiste achievement:

EvanEntry : “I absolutely love the detail on his clothing and the sword is the best part!”

Ariel  — Entry : “The shadows in this one are absolutely fabulous. I also love the smoke effects!”

Stefany — Entry : “I can tell a lot of work has been put into this and I love the detail on the eyes and hair!”

Bhanpavika Wangvitayakun — Entry : “I feel like this one resembles my face the most, I love the dagger!Also, the art style is amazingly detailed.”

Everyone else who took part will be given 25 points.

Unfortunately there is a bug at the moment that prevents users from changing their profile settings, so Legendhidde won’t be able to change his avatar right now. In addition, this also means that badges can’t be awarded until the issue is fixed.

Thank you all for your entries! The next part will begin on the 1st of January 2015 to leave a month free for the holidays, so check the blog on that day for the conditions.

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