Name The Card! -Ended

Hello Looters,

It’s time to bring back an old game we all know and love: “Name the Card!”
I know it’s been a long time since you all played this but I trust you still know how to. If you don’t then please follow this link.

The “Name The Card!” game has ended. The right answer was a League Of Legends card.
I was overwhelmed by the amount of responses I got. Thank you all for making this game successful again after such a long absence.
Unfortunately only a total of 10 people could win this time.





The winners of this weeks “Name The Card!” are:


Congratulations guys, you will receive 100 points for the right answer.

Do not forget to include your username, this is the username you signed up with. It can be located by clicking on your profile and looking at your URL bar (The bar in which you type website addresses). Then look at the last part of the URL and your username can be found there.

If your username is not included you will not receive points.

Help for username 


9 thoughts on “Name The Card! -Ended”

  1. Thanks for bringing back awesomeness!

    Aha, you made it easy for us this time. We’re all a bit rusty. 😛

  2. Ohhh men my answer was right too(League Of Legends) , but seems like I wasn’t among the first 10, 🙁 , next time I will answer quickly!

  3. This one was easy, on the first page of “Spend points” League of Legends is right there at the bottom left corner lol. Congratz to all the winners!

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