Name that Card!

Palace Games: Name that Card

Palace Games are back and today we’ll be playing a special game of Name that Card – there will be TWO cards. Please be sure to read the rules for today’s game as they are not the typical rules for Name that Card!

In today’s game of Name that Card, we have two cards instead of one. If you are one of the first 20 people to guess both correctly, you’ll win 200 Plunder Points. If you only guess one correctly, you’ll earn 100 Plunder Points.

Game has Ended!
The correct answer would have been The Cheesecake Factory and Regal Movie card.

The following Looters have won points this week

  1. gamer1998 – 100pts
  2. R2-D2 – 200pts
  3. janell – 100pts
  4. allenwalker56 – 100pts
  5. spongehog5000 – 100pts
  6. tron – 100pts

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