The new Rule System

Dear Looters,

As you may know our chats are monitored by highly qualified, hand picked volunteers who do their best to keep the chat clean and enjoyable for everyone who might be in it. They do so by following a bunch of rules located under the chatroom. These rules are, unfortunately, not very detailed. This has led to people arguing with moderators about which rules have been broken and which haven’t. It has also led to people pushing the limits on what is acceptable and what isn’t.  Therefore I have added some details to our old rules to make it easier for everyone to figure out what to do and what not to do.

Da rules

  1. Posting links (referral, or others) to untrusted sites or sites which are non-relevant to a discussion or spamming is strictly prohibited.
    1 warning, after that immediate ban. Spamming is an immediate ban. 
  2. Profanity, disrespectful language, immaturity, or threatening others will lead to your account being blocked from chatting.
    Doing this towards others is an immediate ban, general disrespectful language is 1 warning and then a ban. 
  3. General immaturity may lead to being kicked or banned from the Looter’s Hall.
    When more than 3 people complain that a person who is talking is being annoying, a kick as warning and then a ban if he/she continues
  4. Pretending to be a moderator, Administrator, or of another service will result in account termination.
    1 warning and then a ban.
  5. Do not include a [email protected] in your username or display name.
    Same as above
  6. Do not use any Loot Palace imagery as your profile / site avatar.
    Same as above
  7. Do not post, or request personal information from other members.
    One warning, then a ban
  8. Do not beg for points, gift cards, or ask people to earn points for you.
    One warning, then a ban
  9. Do not ask for people’s account information, or give your account’s information out.
    Immediate ban. 
  10. Do not use the chatroom as your own private chat (one-to-one conversations),  use the one to one chat system.
    One warning, then a kick, then a ban.
  11. We reserve the right to remove any person or persons as deemed necessary
    This is your own opinion.

8 thoughts on “The new Rule System”

  1. Now that’s a good way to make people understand better the situation .
    Nice work, Legend. The detailed version must be seen by everyone.
    *Don’t forget to make edits when you get something in your mind, obviously*

  2. My idea is that you should be allowed to post links to a video or something, but you cannot use refferal links to sites like this or advertising.

  3. Thanks @Legendhidde. Great post.

    A bit of guidance to Looters who push the envelope in chat – if you incur the wrath of one of the Mods and get a warning:
    1. take notice
    2. be humble
    3. don’t argue.

    Mods have a difficult job to do in keeping the chatroom healthy for everyone. I’m not going to be second guessing the mods. I trust their judgement. If they ban you, that’s the final decision.

  4. Many times, in the evenings, friends will come on, and we’ll ask about our day, how things are going… ect… not exactly “Palace” related, but not “One-on-one” either. The mods will most often see that a “Newbie” has asked a question, and they will say “Hold Chat a while guys!” until the problem is resolved.

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