Reminder: Be patient with the Arcade

I feel like reminding impatient members, that if the games aren’t back this month (May) you don’t need to be upset and ask everytime about them.  You must KEEP IN MIND that some people are getting snowed with work, and cannot handle all the things at once. We all know the games WILL BE BACK.
They are a part of this site. People should understand that problems might take a while until they are solved, even though the due date is not respected. Mistakes happen, so instead of May, they might get back later. It could mean late June, too.

Just be patient. Work is hard and people are just doing their jobs.

PERSONAL NOTE: My main way of getting points was from the arcade, and now that the arcade is down, I can only wait.
Just hang in there! You’re not the only one.

68 thoughts on “Reminder: Be patient with the Arcade”

  1. Nicely Said Razorcif. We shall all wait patiently.

    You now sounds like a member of the team… O___O

  2. oh wow… We’re well into September now. I guess we’re all trying to be patient but right now it definitely seems like nothing is happening. It’d be nice if you could give us updates on the arcade if you ARE working on it!

  3. Are the games gonna be made by you guys? Or are they games bought over from different sites? (Sorry if this has been said before! I just joined today) :D

    1. I wish it was that simple for us. At least we are working on one. Name a few other earning sites that do this. Right now we have quite a few other problems on our hands.

  4. I find your site very awesome i joined 2 days ago and i dont unterstand why they are so angry at you.they geht free gift cards and free stuff they really should be thankful for this free service.(sorry for mistakes)

  5. Hmm it’s January already… I guess this would be a really big game-changer at earning plunder points since it has taken a very long time to prepare. Good luck to the guys working on it.

    1. There have been explanations everywhere. Bottom line, it’s ridiculously complicated to implement the thing. I am working on it. A bit more patience for a feature which we pay quite a lot of money for to get you to enjoy it would be very nice.

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