Admin Avatar Art Competition: Part 6 Results

Congratulations to Ciara! Your entry has been chosen by Hylian Hero as the winner for part 6 of the Admin Avatar Art competition!

Hylian Hero has a few words for his favourite entries.
To the winner: “I like this one because it is the most useful as an actual chat avatar. That, and I like the pixel-drawing nature of it.”

Also, well done to the following four users for winning the L’Artiste achievement. 

Fairyfingers883Entry : “While this one pretty much perfectly combines the site and Zelda into one happy mash-up, it doesn’t shrink well, but it’s still really awesome.”

SammiEntry : “This one is pretty, and my wife really liked it too.”

Bhanpavika — Entry : “The coloring and quality of this one is superb.”

NiaEntry : “I really like the ability of this one. It’s an awesome drawing for it to be hand-drawn, but I can’t make it square without losing too much of the picture.”

Everyone else who took part will be given 25 points.

And with that, our journey is at a close. This was the final part of the Admin Avatar Art Competition. Now our princess is happy and all our admins and moderators have lovely hand-drawn avatars. Thank you to everyone for your entries and well done to everybody who won prizes!

There will be another contest starting soon, so keep an eye on the blog for that!

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