7 Tips For Completing Offers on Loot Palace

Hello Loot Palace members! Do you want some tips that can make earning Plunder Points easier and more enjoyable? I’m about to show you 7 tips for using Loot Palace, and on how to complete offers without the added hassles of having to submit a customer inquiry.

Tip #1: Remember to Clear Your Cookies Regularly

Cookies are little pieces of data that websites store on your computer. Sometimes you will find a few offers that are for the same advertiser. If you still have those old cookies on your computer when you start their 2nd offer, the advertiser may think that you have already completed the offer, meaning you won’t receive points for completing it. Clearing your cookies will fix this problem.

Clearing your cookies is easy to do.
You can use CCleaner, a free PC cleaning program, or you can clear your cookies from within your browser.

How to Clear Your Cookies

Tip #2: Always Take Screenshots!

This may be a little annoying to have to do all the time, but it is worth the effort… trust me!

When you are doing offers, most of them will land you on a confirmation of completion page (“Congratulations!” type of page), or send you a confirmation email.

Take screenshots of any and all evidence that proves you’ve completed the offer. Always make sure to take screenshots of your whole desktop with these things visible so you have proof that it is your screenshot and that you have completed the offer.

This can really speed up the process of the inquiry, if you need to submit one.

How to Take a Screenshot

Tip #3: Use a specially made spam E-mail address

When you sign up for most of the offers or surveys, you’re likely to receive newsletters and other emails from the advertiser. Using a secondary email address when completing offers is a great way to avoid having your real inbox cluttered with junk mail. Here are a few free e-mail services…


Tip #4: Keep the Offer Page Open After Completion!

This is totally optional but could save you some time. When you do an offer, the offer wall company will periodically check to see if you’ve completed the offer. This happens every minute or two, so you’ll want to keep the final page of the offer up until you are paid. If you aren’t paid after 5 or 10 minutes, you should submit a customer inquiry.

Tip #5: You can request custom gift cards

Unfortunately we do not offer fully customized gift cards anymore. We can only get you existing gift cards in a different currency or gift cards from this website.

Tip #6: Use Multiple Browser Tabs to Multitask

Loot Palace consists of multiple offer walls, these offer walls receive updates regularly. Sometimes as often as a few times per day! You may want to open multiple browser tabs to maximize your earnings on Loot Palace, as doing so will allow you to view and complete multiple offers at once.

Using multiple tabs will allow you to watch videos on Virool’s wall, Matomy’s wall, and RadiumOne’s wall all at once. That’s earning points 3 times faster than normal! You may want to do this for Virool’s wall by itself too, so you can watch a few Virool videos at a time, which will earn you a good 50-200+ points each day with almost no effort.

Tip #7 Earn Easy Points by Watching Videos Faster

If you are watching a Virool video, you can usually close the video after 20 or 30 seconds and still earn points for watching the video.