What is Loot Palace?

Loot Palace is an online rewards program founded in May, 2011. By partnering with advertisement companies and game publishers, we’ve been able to create a fun way to earn some really cool things.

Right now we offer free gift cards, including printable gift cards, and e-gift cards for your favorite retail shops, worldwide! We’ve even got virtual currencies for video games, pre-paid phone cards, premium subscriptions to services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Skype. We have over 100 different types of gift cards in the rewards catalog.

Who runs Loot Palace?

Loot Palace is owned by Grey Vort Pty Ltd. Grey Vort Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1999 and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Founder / Adminstrator: Dan
Dan is the founder and creator of Loot Palace. He has been administrating “freebie websites” since 2010, finally launching Loot Palace in May of 2011.

A few words from Dan

When I’m not working on new features for Loot Palace, I’m often working with other businesses, building them websites and getting them started on this wonderful thing we call the Internet. I enjoy helping people, be it business or individuals, that’s why I created this rewards program. People love free stuff, and I’m happy to have created a platform to which they can get real value out of.

Adminstrator: Stan
Stan joined the team as Loot Palace administrator and site manager in March 2014. Stan is a professional engineer, with 20 years experience in a variety of business administration and management roles.

A few words from Stan

I love the site that Dan and the Loot Palace community have created. My aim is to bring a professional management approach to ensure that Loot Palace continues to give value to our affiliate sponsors and our user community.

In addition the the Administration, you will find @LootPalace in the chatroom, helping with support tickets.

Our Moderators

Hidde joined the moderation team in August, 2013.

Rachel joined the moderation team in October, 2013.

Cathy joined the moderation team in January, 2014.

Jason joined the moderation team in January, 2014.