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Colouring pencils closeup

Future drawing competitions

By: Herbert56

This month I hosted a drawing competition on the forum, and a whole bunch of people entered. I had a great fun time organizing this and it was awesome to see everyone’s drawings. I’m sure you all liked getting some free points from it too!

Because of this, I hope to host more competitions like it in the future, possibly starting quite soon.

But before I start, I want to hear some of your opinions on a certain matter. As most of you will know, we have some very skilled artists on Loot Palace, one of which has made quite a name for herself. Veteran looters will surely be aware of fairyfingers883’s artistic talent, and I’m certain won’t dispute that she has somewhat of an advantage over most of us when it comes to competitions of this type. That’s why I wanted your opinions.

I wanted to make a palace poll about this but I was advised that it would be inappropriate. And after some convincing I agreed. So I decided to make my own poll, with blackjack and hookers!
Please share your opinions at this link

Keep your eyes on the chat and the blog for updates on when I’m going to host my next drawing competition. I’m looking forward to it!



Nominations for Looter of the Month – May 2014.


Looter of the Month program is back!

The Looter of the Month was first announced in August and continued for some months. It started again in May, so you better think of a good member that helped you out. It’s always good to know your surroundings. The looter of the month is an active member that helps out the newbies, and maintain a pleasant presence in the chat. Everyone can participate as long as they are kind and willing to teach others the ways of the Palace Continue reading


The new Rule System

Dear Looters,

As you may know our chats are monitored by highly qualified, hand picked volunteers who do their best to keep the chat clean and enjoyable for everyone who might be in it. They do so by following a bunch of rules located under the chatroom. These rules are, unfortunately, not very detailed. This has led to people arguing with moderators about which rules have been broken and which haven’t. It has also led to people pushing the limits on what is acceptable and what isn’t.  Therefore I have added some details to our old rules to make it easier for everyone to figure out what to do and what not to do.

Continue reading