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An Ultimate Game Card is a universal gaming currency card
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Ultimate Game Gift cards are quitting their business. Please do not order any gift cards from this page!

What is an Ultimate Game Card?

An Ultimate Game Card is a universal gaming currency card. Ultimate Game Card, can be used on hundreds of different online games Worldwide. It makes an excellent gift or prize for any gamer. You can read more about Ultimate Game Cards on their official website.

What games can I use an Ultimate Game Card on?

You can use your free Ultimate Game Card’s code on over 1000 different games. Below are just some of the games that your Ultimate Game Card will work with.

  • Cafe World
  • Club Penguin
  • Combat Arms
  • Dungeon Fighter Online
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online
  • Everquest & Everquest II
  • Evony
  • Farmville
  • Heroes of Gaia
  • Maplestory
  • The Lord of the Rings Online
  • Ultima Online

How do I use my free Ultimate Game Card’s code?

The code that we email to you can be redeemed on Ultimate Game Card’s official website. Apply it to your account over there, and then select which game you wish to activate the code for. You can find detailed instructions on the Ultimate Game Card website. You can also email us any specific questions you may have involving the redemption process.