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    Are you on PSN? Join this group!

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    Do you play Nintendo games? Connect with other Nintendo gamers here and take the community beyond Loot Palace itself!

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    You like games? We like games!

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    Play on Xbox Live? Connect with other Xbox gamers here.

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    Anime fans unite!

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  • Group logo of New Recruits
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    If you’re new and looking for help on how to do things on Loot Palace, then you’ll want to join this group.

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  • Group logo of Pointless Point Savers
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    This group is for people (and aliens) who Save their points for no reason.

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    Fantage fans!

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  • Group logo of Jokes Zone
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    Post the Best Jokes Here!

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    Do you use Android phones or tablets? Talk about the hottest Apps and devices here.

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    Do you play Steam games? Join and connect with other Steam gamers

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    We shall work as hard as we can to bring chaos back in order!!!!

    And destroy other groups!!!

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    Do you play OurWorld? So do we!

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  • Group logo of APPLE VS ANDROID
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    This is a place where you vote for a company, Android or Apple. You do it each month, and then I count it out and we find out who wins the month. I’m not trying to start any digital fighting, if I was I would […]

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    Do you use an iPhone, iPad, iPod? Chat with other Apple fans and talk about your favorite Apps.

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  • Group logo of Pixie Hollow
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    If you play Pixie Hollow, feel free to join our group :) Please respect everyone and do not ask for anyone’s password here. Do not share any cheats or unnecessary things..
    - Rosa Snowflake (Pixie Name – Rosa Snowflower)

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    For all you people out there who are addicted to first person shooters.

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    This group is for people that play on Roblox. Here, you can share the games you’ve built on Roblox, invite people to play Roblox games with you, or anything else Roblox related! Just make sure that any games that […]

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    Here is you found all About Club Penguin

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    Looking for a deal? Aren’t we all! Come share your couponing and money saving tips with others in the group.

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