How to Complete Download Offers

 Ready to up your success rate when completing download offers for points on Loot Palace? In the past, some of you have asked about how the download offers work. Many of you have said you’ve had difficult times getting them to properly credit. Because of this, we went ahead and sent a message to our contacts at the advertising networks we are work with, asking them to give us some insight as to why a download offer might not credit you. Keep reading to learn how these offers work and how to increase your chance at success!

The number one reason a download offer doesn’t give you points is that you’ve uninstalled the application to quickly. More than 66% of users who complete a download offer end up uninstalling the program within just a few minutes. It’s advised that you leave the program installed until you are credited with your plunder points. You should also leave the software’s website up until credited, or for at least 15 minutes.

Download offersIf it’s been an excessive amount of time (3 or more days), you definitely want to recover your missing points by following these instructions.

If you are hesitant to complete a download offer, for fear of getting a virus, please take the following into account. Anytime a download offer is detected to have a virus, the advertising network removes it from the system. It is also advised that you have an up to date anti-virus program on your computer. This is just a smart thing to do, even if you aren’t using Loot Palace or similar websites. We highly recommend AVG, free anti-virus due to it’s reputation and track-record.