How to Earn Easy Points Every Day

Everyday in chat, someone is asking how to get points quickly, or easily. We have some great guides and tutorials on how to accomplish this already. Today’s post is more of a daily routine you should begin doing, if you want a steady flow of easy points each and every day.

This method is a great way to get a few free gift cards every month on Loot Palace. It’s an easy routine which should only take you an hour a day to complete.

Log into Loot Palace to claim your 15 Daily Points.

Head over to the offers page and open up a few browser tabs. It’s time to watch videos! You should be able to find 5 to 10 videos on RadiumOne each day, and they are worth between 16 and 20 points each. That’s 80 to 200 Plunder Points in the bag.

Watch multiple videos at once to speed this up (using your different browser tabs)

Repeat this for Matomy and Virool. You should be able to clear another 40 to 300 Plunder Points each day from Matomy and Virool. Check back regularly throughout the day if you can, as they restock their videos quite often!


Now the “hard part” – Daily Surveys. This step gets easier each day you do it, as you learn how to speed it up.

Go to Super Rewards and click the Survey tab. You will see 2 options “uSamp” and “Ampario” – each day these will have 1 survey each for you. As of today, uSamp is offering 413 Plunder Points and Ampario is offering 550 Plunder Points. That’s a total of 963 Plunder Points!



Now, let’s see what Payment Wall has going on. Click Payment Wall, and then at the top, click Survey of the Day.

Today there are two surveys available. One pays 444 Plunder Points, and the second pays 720 Plunder Points.

There’s another 1164 Plunder Points! There are also a few other surveys on this page too, as seen below.


Finally, lets hit up TrialPay. TrialPay has many high paying offers, but we’re going to focus on easy surveys. Click Surveys and you should see many options. The “Lab42″ survey that pays 500 Plunder Points can be done once a day, almost every day of the week!

If you look at the screenshot below, you’ll see 3,500 Plunder Points are available by completing a few easy surveys on TrialPay, wow!


That’s all there is to it. If you just joined, you’ve got 1,000 Plunder Points already.

If you follow this guide, by the end of the first day, you could have over 4,000 Plunder Points in your very first hour!

Results may vary, but most users who claim multiple gift cards a month are doing what was described above. This method will get you over 8,000 Plunder Points a week and only takes about an hour of your day.

Pro Tip #1:
While watching video offers, begin on the surveys, to speed up how fast you gain.

Pro Tip #2:
Record yourself completing a survey and submit it as a Palace Task for an additional 500+ Plunder Points.

Pro Tip #3:
Try to refer a few friends, have them follow this guide, and you’ll be getting an additional 800 Plunder Points a week for each person you’ve referred (and who follows this guide)!

Pro Tip #4:
Use Google Chrome, or a “auto form fill” browser extension, to speed up how quickly you can complete surveys.