Ready to learn how to earn some points?

Then read along my friends for the best tips and tricks from your very own peers!

First of all every offer wall works differently. They give out different point values, offers, and the layouts are all different. Make sure you know how to locate the “Get help” button to redeem your missing points. Let’s continue…

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Step 1: Finding An Offer

Before you can complete an offer you need to know what the offer wants you to do to earn the points. Under each offer is a printing of small gray text that will tell you exactly what the offer requires you to do.

Picking an Offer

I suggest starting out doing offers like E-mail submits, Zip code submits and Download/Installs because they’re quick and easy.
Offers always come and go daily sometimes so always check each wall for your chance at big points from a limited time offer..

Step 2:

Something you should always do when you complete an offer or a survey is to take a screenshot of the final page to prove you have fulfilled the requirements. Sometimes offers don’t credit so it’s always a good idea to have some back-up proof.

Fixila is on Super Rewards and pays over 3,000 points, a great way to get easy points!

Screenshot Your Completion

If for some reason you did not recieve your points for the offer you completed then please direct your attention to this page for further instruction on how to recover your missing points.

Step 3: Watching Videos for Points

Not only are videos easy to complete, sometimes they can even be entertaining. To get started, visit the offer wall page. Under the Virool, Radiumone and Matomy walls will be a list of videos for you to watch. When you click on the video a box will appear to play the video.

Watching Videos for Points

Tips for Completing Offers

Videos Videos credit after you’re added as a view. A view is added after 35 seconds of that video has been played so make sure you watch it long enough then move on so you can earn points in a timely manor! If when you click a video it is opened into a new tab or window then let it run and go about your business when it plays. You don’t need to actually watch the video to earn the points. Also if videos open themselves in new tabs or windows then you can watch multiple videos at once to save time!

Referrals Never forget to tell friends, family, school, work about Loot Palace. Post it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Myspace…Remember to post your referral code. Every person you refer you get 10% of the points they earn!

View Loot Palace’s Referral Program.

Games Always participate in not only the fantastic social games Loot Palace hosts on their Facebook and Google+ page but the arcade as well. Most forget that Loot Palace is east coast and doesn’t close the game servers until 10PM. So make sure you swoop in and take lead score in a game just before it ends so you’ll be guaranteed your points! The 1st place in game of the month is worth 3,000 points that’s the equivalent to getting 1st place in 6 other arcade games.

Play the Game of the Month Check Out Social Games

Contests Loot Palace usually holds a contest every few months. Contests are always rewarded and usually require a small amount of time to enter. Some contests can give out an unbelievable amount of points or give you a sum of gift cards and more. Never miss your chance at these, You always have a chance to win!

Contests at Loot Palace

Tasks Loot Palace hosts a few tasks like making them a promotional video or reviewing them on another site. These tasks can reward anywhere from 100 points to 2,500! If you know how to make videos or are a blogger then this is your chance for some really easy points!

View Palace Tasks