Trade your points for a PayPal gift card?

When you have enough Plunder Points, simply click any of the gift cards below to exchange your points for it.


Your PayPal email address must match your Loot Palace email address or the payment can’t be processed. You can change your Loot Palace email address via your settings (drop down menu on the top right hand corner of your screen), or send us a ticket and we can update your email for you. Alternatively, you can add your lootpalace email address as an alternate in your PayPal account.

How do you use PayPal?

PayPal is a smarter, faster, and safer way to pay. Millions of people around the world use PayPal for one simple reason: it’s simple. Just an email address and password or mobile number and PIN will get you through checkout without reaching for your wallet. Visit to learn more.

Your free PayPal gift card from Loot Palace will be transferred directly to your PayPal account. You will be able to spend your loot anywhere PayPal is accepted.


Promotional Disclaimer
* is not a sponsor of this promotion.

PayPal has different rules for different countries. Maybe your country requires a valid Credit Card or a valid bank account for your PayPal to work. Be sure to check your PayPal account’s limitations. It can be found right under your full name on PayPal’s account page.