Tips to Referring Users

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Word of Mouth

Tell anyone you know about Loot Palace. This includes your friends, classmates, co-workers, or anyone else who you think could benefit from all the freebies we provide.

Social Media

Do you use social media? Tell your friends, fans, and followers about this great site and be sure to send them your referral link!

Create Hilarious Memes

Check out this Meme generator where you can easily make funny images and promote your referral link at the same time.

Promote On Your Website or Blog

Own a Website or Blog? Toss a text link or banner up on it! Don’t have one? Register a free blog at,, Create a free webpage at or! You can have a page up in less than 5 minutes!

Article Directories

Write a 250 to 500 word article on why Loot Palace is great. Submit it to as many article directories as you can. You may consider some of the following topics:

  • Get Paid for Completing Surveys
  • Complete Surveys for Gift Cards
  • Where to Get Free Gift Cards
  • How to Earn Money Online
  • Free Gift Cards by Playing Games

Where do you post these articles?
Check out the list below, these are some of the few places on the Internet that will let you post your content for free!

Make a Free Page

There are many sites that let you make a free page. Squidoo is one of the easiest to work with. Get started by using this Squidoo tutorial. You can have a page up in less than 10 minutes!

Print Out Flyers

Create a flyer with your referral link. Print it out and post it at school, bulletin boards, outside shopping centers, place them on cars, or anywhere else you can think of. Pro Tip: If you go to a store that we offer gift cards for, promote that specific card there. An example: If you are at Barnes and Noble, make fliers that talk about Loot Palace’s program and how we offer free printable Barnes and Noble gift cards.

Create Videos and Submit Online

Create a video using free video software (Windows Movie Maker or iMovie) – use pictures and text, or get really creative and use Jing to take video of your computer screen to show how easy it is to earn points. Post these videos on YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Viddler, or Veoh. Any video hosting website is fine.

Here are some ideas for your videos

  • How to get free gift cards online
  • How to get free gift cards by doing surveys
  • How to get free gift cards by playing games
  • How to get free currency to your favorite games
  • How to get free World of Warcraft subscriptions
  • How to get free Nexon cash for Maplestory

Find a good subreddit to post on

Examples of a few subreddits that might be good to share Loot Palace on. Always remember to read the posting rules though.

Message Boards and Forums

Post your link in your message board signature on any forums you read.

Question & Answer Websites

Use Question & Answer sites to promote your link. Search for users looking for places to get free gift cards. Recommend Loot Palace and include your referral link. Below are just a few of the more popular sites to check out.

Create an eBook or PDF

Create a PDF eBook explaining what Loot Palace is and how it works. You can submit these to many directory websites such as: Google Docs, Slideshare, Scribd, and any other website that lets you upload and share files.

Share on Classified Sites

Hundreds of thousands of people use classified websites every day. Because of this, they make excellent places to promote your affiliate link. Craigslist is the most popular site, and Hoobly is another popular one worth trying out. Here’s a list of 100 classified websites

Social Bookmarking

Bookmark your affiliate link and watch the dollars roll in! Here is a large list of social bookmarking websites.

Post on GPT (Get Paid To) Forums

GPT Forums are communities of people looking to make money online and get other freebies online. Tell them about Loot Palace and rack in the benefits! Be sure you are not violating any Terms of Service of these community websites before posting.

Want more ideas? Check out this post with tips on referring people to Loot Palace.