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Why Loot Palace?

Here are five reasons to join.

  1. Joining is Free.
  2. Registration is Simple.
  3. Earning is Easy.
  4. Pick from $5 to $50 Gift Cards.
  5. Gift Codes are Delivered by Email.

Referring Your Friends…

It can be very easy to refer your friends to Loot Palace. Why not give it a try right now?

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The Rules of Loot Palace

General Use

DO Create engaging topics on the message board.
DO Be respectful in the chatroom and to other members.
DO Join groups on Loot Palace.
DO Make friends on Loot Palace.
DO Contact us if you are having problems with the website.
DON’T Create your own “hello” topic on the forums, we have a sticky post for everyone to use.
DON’T Create multiple accounts. You are allowed one account per IP address.
DON’T Use proxies or VPNs to connect to Loot Palace.
DON’T Cheat in the arcade. Your scores will be ignored, and your account flagged.
DON’T Spam the chatroom.
DON’T Use profanity on Loot Palace

Chatroom Rules

DO Use the chatroom to engage with other Looters.
DO Use the chatroom to ask questions about Loot Palace.
DO Use the Looter’s Hall (main room) for conversations about Loot Palace.
DO Use the private chat system when having conversation with friends.
DON’T Impersonate Loot Palace Staff.
DON’T Post or request personal information from others.
DON’T Post profanity, use disrespectful language, display immaturity, or threaten others.
DON’T Spam, or post referral links.

Completing Offers

DO Complete offers you’re interested in!
DO Watch ALL the videos.
DO Use your credit card on offers from brands you know and trust.
DON’T Complete offers using fake or fraudulent information.
DON’T Complete the same offer multiple times.
DON’T Watch multiple videos from the same network, at the same time.
DON’T Use stolen or inactive credit cards to complete offers.


Plunder the Web

DO: Search for things you’re interested in.
DO: Search using Plunder the Web, instead of Google (Pro Tip: Bookmark the Page!)
DON’T: Search random things you aren’t actually interested in.
DON’T: Use a page-reloader to search spam-searches.

Referral Program

DO Refer your friends.
DO Review Loot Palace on your active website or blog.
DO Use our “Email a Friend” page to email your friends a referral link to Loot Palace.
DO Create high quality videos to show off Loot Palace (submit it as a Palace Task too)
DON’T Spam message boards or other blogs with your referral link.
DON’T Refer yourself.

What Else Can You Do At Loot Palace?

Join Groups

Groups are like clubs. Find a group that interests you and join it. You’ll be able to connect with other Looters who share the same interest as you. This is a great way to exchange friend-requests on Loot Palace, but also on third party networks such as PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or Nintendo.

Engage in discussion on the Blog

We update our blog frequently. Don’t miss your opportunity to talk directly to the Site Administrators and other engaged users on the blog’s comment section.

Make friends with other Looters

You can become friends with other Looters here on the website. This will allow you to send messages to each other and connect in new ways.

Create or Join in on discussions on the Forums

Get involved with the community on the forums. Ask or answer questions, show off your favorite new toy you bought with your gift card from Loot Palace, or just about anything else.

Update your Profile

Your profile is the place to put information to let other Looters know what you’re about. You can update your profile by clicking Settings on the top section of the website.

Upload a custom Avatar

While you’re in your Profile Editor, feel free to add your very own custom Avatar. Any image is fine as long as it’s appropriate.

Do you want a few extra points?

Need a bit more help?

Check out the Loot Palace User Guide for a quick overview of the site.