July Newsletter



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Minute Staff
Poll Update
Spring Cleaning

Minute Staff

Minute Staff is the newest addition to the Offer Walls. This Offer Wall doesn’t reward the most points, but it rewards quickly and is accessible to people all around the world. Go check it out! If you have any problems with the wall as always feel free to submit a ticket, and I will help you work through the issue.

Poll Update

Update from the coming changes from the poll. I have been unsuccessful in finding a substitute for Radio Loyalty. The closest thing that I could find is this site that pays to review music: Slice The Pie. I have switched focus to other new offer walls and the Arcade. I still need to work on a metric of how to earn points from the arcade. In the interim, we will have a highest scores style contest in the free games section.

Spring Cleaning

Data retention on the site is making things slow. In order to remedy this, old data is going to be removed. Accounts that have not been logged in for over three years will be removed. Points that have already been spent will slowly be removed from the earning history as well. This will not affect anyone who logs in with any regularity. I will give everyone until next Saturday to log in. Over the coming month, the site will experience some outages as I upgrade and update things. Warnings of impending downtime will come through chat and social media channels.

Congratulations and Thanks

Congratulations to all the looters who were awarded this month. If you did not get paid then submit a ticket. Finally, thanks as always to all of you that help out the new looters!

Happy Looting Everyone!

2 thoughts on “July Newsletter”

  1. I agree that removing old data is necessary, but there should be a way for us to keep some information for ourselves.

    Aaron, is it possible to get an account statement of past earnings and spendings before you remove the old data?

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