Does Loot Palace Work? Is it legit?

One word, Yes! Below are some remarks about our program from our members…

Feedback from our Members

“I have been with Loot Palace for a little over 8 months now (as of the time this was written), and I must say that this is my favorite gift card earning site on the internet. I have been with almost all of them at one point or the other, but the others take so long to earn. Loot Palace still takes time, but there is a large variety of tasks that you can do to earn points. So far I have earned over $200 in gift cards and counting, and have used them to buy an android cellphone with minutes, a USB data stick, a blanket to keep me warm for the winter, a violin shoulder rest, and clothes.

Loot Palace has an amazing point system, a great support team, and an absolutely awesome community. I have made so many friends here since I have joined and everyone is just so nice, I love all you guys (you all know who you are), and I love you Loot Palace!”


“It was thanks to this site that I was able to include Wireless Bluetooth connectivity for free into my GCSE piece, it Was Graded A+”


Loot Palace review
Cherry Pie

Computer Parts for Free

Thanks for Nintendo 3DS card

“Thank you so much. I absolutely love earning points with you guys. I’ve been earning them for an online game but honestly I may have to branch out because you guys have tons of offers available to everyone.”

Natalie B.

“Loot palace is an awesome site that gives you free gift cards and you can totally trust this site because I earned a code and if you try hard you will too! I recommend loot palace a lot!”

Vanessa B.

“Well Loot Palace, after doing tasks and reviews I’m happy to say that all has went well. Doing all the offers have given me opportunities to get a Stardoll membership and also participate in things to help win other prizes. This experience has been amazing and I’m glad I’m writing this because I now have a Stardoll membership and I am very happy to have used this website!

-Thank you Loot Palace!”

Diana M.

“LootPalace, I think you are awesome. I just completed few tasks and offers, and I got my Club Penguin membership. Thank you Loot Palace for my first FREE CP membership!!”


“Hello Loot Palace!
First off, I’d like to say thank you so much for the gift card! I was half-trusting and half-suspicious of this site. Now it makes me look like a complete idiot for being suspicious about it. An awesome site with great admins and great fellow Looters! I will continue to use this site on a frequent basis even if I do not have a card I want at the moment. Again thank you so much!”

Sean C

“Thank You Loot Palace! You have made me a very happy person when I found this site I was a sceptic but now that I have tried out your site to get a Nintendo 3DS Gift Card I know now I will use your site many times and I will be sure to recommend you to my friends. Thank s Again”


“Well, at first I thought this was a scam, but after a bit of patience and working hard to earn my points, I found this site not only useful, but authentic! I got my gift card, and am using it to play my new game as we speak. The people here are very easy to work with, and will keep you posted for while you wait for your card. Points are just as easy to come by, just actually have to do the work to get them! Thank you LootPalace!”


“Loot Palace is the BEST site, I never thought I could found a place where I can win stuff playing games, watching videos and doing all kinda fun things. No doubt is the best invention in the world. I can’t be more thankful for make easier and cheaper my obsession of buying clothes on amazon. Thank youuuuuu =) “


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“Amazing! It’s just as the website says — work your way up with enough points and the gift cards just start rolling in! Absolutely amazing.”


“Wow! Thanks for the quick and speedy delivery. I wasn’t quite sure if Loot Palace was the real deal, but it turns out I was wrong. I’t only took me nine days to get my first gift card, plenty of offers to check out, so the plunder points rack up fast! Thanks again for the free gift card. Great site, highly recommended.”


“Loot Palace is a cool place with great gift card prizes for pretty much everything from steam cards to league of legends rp point cards. The community from what I’ve experienced is really fun to chat with and the the support is fast to respond to you. Great website and the place is legit there is no scam and I got my code within 5 business days.”


“I want to reply with a review. I think loot palace is an awesome place to get your cards. The points for the gift cards are fairly easy to get and there are plenty of ways to do it. The customer service is great and precise. They helped me quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend loot palace to my friends and family thank you for the great experience and awesome way to get points for my games and other stuff I may want or need.”


“Thank you Loot Palace!!!! You are great! I received the code REALLY quickly! Once done, I will show you what you helped me do with your Amazon gift card =)”


“Loot Palace is a great site that really benefits me in that it allows me to have easier access to cards that I wish to get and if you know how to use the site properly you can get the card in two days like I did :)! It’s a much better alternative to buying the card itself, some of the offers are pretty good!”


I’ve always said it since I know loot palace exists, this is the best gift cards site, I like how it’s admins are constantly on the page, chatting with its users.

The best part is that you don’t have limitations, you can earn plunder points by being active on the site, playing games and more so the site is for everybody.

I love loot palace and I will continue looting! Haha.


“Loot Palace is an extremely easy opportunity to gain plunder points, which then can be used to purchase gift certificates Most plunder points are easy to obtain and once you have accumulated enough points to purchase a gift card, the card is sent in a timely manner by the staff at Loot Palace. This site gives one an excellent opportunity to get gift cards for self or family free. They also offer contests, which when won will allow the user to gain additional points just by entering the contest. I won 50,000 plunder points doing by doing so. The site is easy to use and the rewards are endless.”


“I would also like to thank the administrators of this wonderful LEGIT site, for sending me my first gift card code. Thank you so much!”


“I cant believe I got a gift card already! I did offers for just a week and before I realized I had enough plunder points to claim my reward. Thanks a lot Loot Palace. I’m definitely going to do more surveys to earn more rewards”

Jesse Ryan

“I’ve redeemed two $20 Ultimate Game Cards and the codes both arrived in less than a day! Thank you Loot Palace.”


“I am very happy with Loot Palace, It’s very easy to earn plunder points and actually fun! Received my Google play gift code, Thanks so much :)”


“I could remember the first time I found this site, I was still thinking whether this site is real or just another scam. Soon after I joined(in like 4 days), I had enough Plunder Points to get a gift card! and I redeem a Nintendo 3DS code card.”


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