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    Competition time!

    That’s right, I’m hosting an art competition in which you all can win plunder points! To take part you need to create a picture of me.

    Here are the rules:
    You can use any artistic medium to make your picture; whether you prefer good ol’ pencil & paper or some fancy drawing pad hooked up to your PC, or maybe a touch screen tablet, it’s all available to you.
    I (Herbert the Lion) must be a significant attention piece in your submission. This means you can’t get away with drawing something utterly unrelated, or with only a tiny lion in the corner.
    You CANNOT use any external pictures or images in your submission; the entirety of it MUST be drawn by you.

    How to enter:
    Leave a comment on this topic and include a link to your drawing which leads to a page showing the image ALONE. Make sure there is no indication of your username or who you are on the page with your drawing as this could result in disqualification.

    Here is an example of what a good submission could look like:

    First place – 2,000
    Second place – 1,500
    Third place – 1,000
    Everyone else who enters gets 50 points just for taking part!

    Competition closes on Sunday June 15th, so get your entries in by then!

    And that’s about all. Try to make your drawing look unique and interesting and have fun doing it! I look forward to seeing everyone’s drawings!

    Good luck!

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    Important tip for entering:
    When you paste the link to your drawing into your comment, highlight it, copy it and press the LINK option above the typing box. Paste the link again into the box where it says “URL”. Then press “Add link”.
    Otherwise the image may show up in your comment as a picture and may lead to you being disqualified.

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    Here are some pics of me for those of you who don’t know quite what I look like:

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    That last picture is very inappropriate… we need to get a mod in here. >:L

    Awesome contest!

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    @Legend Hidde

    Oh herbs your poses…

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    When is the Due Date ?

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    I haven’t decided on a closing date yet. I’ll edit one in when I have. You’ll have at least a couple of weeks.

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    @Legend Hidde

    This freaking thing

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    sunny dasher

    yeh idk. derp

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    Own drawing with frame effect x)


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    There ya go Herby U.U Just sth quick I doodled for you.

    Drawn in Colors3D

    Rachel and Crystal!! ENTER!!!!! now!!!! XD


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    Drawn with Photoshop


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    Not that great..

    Used paint

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