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    The Looter of the Month is an active member that helps out the newbies and maintains a pleasant presence in the chat. Everyone can take part (yes, you can vote for moderators as well!) as long as they are kind and willing to teach others the ways of the Palace.

    First of all I need to make myself clear with the rules of this monthly contest.

    1) Only ONE Comment and ONE member’s name may be written;
    2) Off topic will be ignored;
    3) You CANNOT vote for yourself. The vote will be ignored;
    4) Don’t vote for previous winners or the vote will get ignored. Also you are not allowed to vote for a second time. If you voted for somebody that already won, and vote again for somebody else, the vote gets ignored. Learn from your mistake;

    This set of understandable rules might change whenever necessary.

    5) NOTICE!

    -In the ”Name” field put YOUR username or you nickname (as shown in the chatroom) not the name or username of the member you vote for!
    -In the ”Your choice and reason” field put the username or nickname OF THE MEMBER YOU ARE VOTING FOR! Also a reason would be okay as well but is not necessary!

    The previous NOTICE will act as another rule and if you fail to follow it, the vote gets ignored (obviously) so you better not get your vote wrong!

    I had added an explanation under each field but no-one seems to notice them and I woke up with anonymous votes because the name of the voted member was in the ”Name” field instead of ”Your choice and reason” field.
    Don’t rush when voting!

    NOTICE #2!
    The previous winners of the LotM that are still active and didn’t disappear are as following:
    Razorcif, Jenifer Davenport, Doodle, Bloom, Cathy.

    See Rule #4 if you think of voting for them

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    R.Srinivas Raju

    this thing is awersome

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    nice cyber happy time

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    CyberCat, recent winner. Do not vote for him anymore.

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    Ash next winner. Do not vote for him again.

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    I’d like to nominate Makayla for the LotM! She is friendly, helpful, and nice to be around!

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    Jessie, you DON’T NOMINATE HERE. Do you ever read a blog post? I’m starting to think you people don’t treat this seriously. You have it in the announcements my friend… it says “Nominate Somebody”. Redirects you to my blog post, and in my blog post you have the link where you submit your vote. I can’t believe I have to tell you guys everything. I already made the rules clear. How can you not know how to vote?

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    Say hello to @Hylian Hero as the next winner. Don’t vote again for him.

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    Dang it; I filled out the form wrong. I forgot to put who I nominated! >.<

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    I nominate polar

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    How many points do we get if we get voted as LotM?

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    Amigo Ala

    We get 1500 PP and a badge!

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