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Companies are always looking for consumers to give their opinions about their products. Get paid for your opinion with points which can be used to redeem a free gift card.

Why Loot Palace?

Here are five reasons to join.

  1. Joining is Free.
  2. Registration is Simple.
  3. Earning is Easy.
  4. Pick from $5 to $50 Gift Cards.
  5. Gift Codes are Delivered by Email.



Welcome to Loot Palace!

This guide has been made to show new Looters how our online rewards program works. Follow this guide and you’ll earn Plunder Points to help you reach your goal!

What are Plunder Points?

Plunder Points are the currency you receive when using Loot Palace. You received 1,000 Plunder Points when your account was first created and you’ll receive 10-20 Plunder Points every 24 hours, just for stopping by!

How to Earn Plunder Points…

Complete Offers

Complete Offers

Plunder Points 100 – 750

Join newsletters, enter sweepstakes, collect coupons, and more.

Take Surveys

Take Surveys

Plunder Points 240 – 1850

Super Rewards and TrialPay have surveys you can do every day for points.

Watching Videos

Watch Videos

Plunder Points 3 – 40

Check out Virool, Matomy, and HyprMX for videos each day.

Listen to Music

Listen to Music

Plunder Points 10

Earn Plunder Points for every 10 minutes you listen to your favorite music.

Searching the Web

Search the Web

Plunder Points 10 – 200

Searching the web for a chance to win up to 200 Plunder Points each day.

Play Games

Play Games

Plunder Points 100 – 3000+

Compete with other Looters in our arcade each month to win Plunder Points.

Install Software

Try Software

Plunder Points 240 – 860+

Download and try different programs and games for your PC, phone, or tablets.

Refer People

Refer People

Plunder Points 10%

Refer new people to Loot Palace and earn a 10% bonus of their earnings.

Shop and Save

Shop and Save

Plunder Points 1200 – 15000+

Purchase or try out services or products from trusted third party merchants.


Let’s see if you’ve been paying any attention!

What is Loot Palace’s currency called?
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Let’s move on to the next page where I will show you some neat tricks on how to earn points faster here at Loot Palace!